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Agenda 21


You are cheerful and found of nature. You are full of energy and you dream of a more sustainable world. Welcome to the Agenda 21!

The Agenda 21 is an action plan conceived in order to make the 21rst century more sustainable. It is ‘Local’ when elaborated by and implemented in a local collectivity.

The Local Agenda 21 of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is experiencing a tremendous development. Its activities result from the expectations expressed by the citizens during discussion groups called Forum 21. These actions are the best way to go further, making Sustainable Development a reality, with local authorities focusing on the economic obligations, the respect of environment and the quality of social life. Saving the planet is our goal. Nothing less!

For each one of you, young and not so young. All those who wish to be part of this great development are eagerly awaited. Enough talking, let’s give way to (sometimes very simple) action! For instance switch off your household appliances completely and you will save energy. Did you know that different sources of founding can help you for more ambitious projects? Some neighborhoods have become “Sustainable” through organic food initiatives, the creation of a collective compost or energy saving campaigns. A group was constituted in order to buy collectively solar panels. Schools and kinder gardens are sorting their waste, etc.

A bit of history

Of course, trying hard on a local or national level will probably not be enough to make our whole planet a better world. But it can definitively contribute. What is true worldwide is also true here, in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre… Even better, at each one’s level.

We have all taken part in the Earth Summit of Rio organized in 1992 by the United Nations. 178 sates were present and declared that they were ready to take action in order to save the environment from some growing threats: pollution, deforestation, desertification, urban overdevelopment and isolation, etc. 

This action plan was given the name of ‘Agenda 21’. In 1994, The ‘Alborg Charter’ marked out its implementation in Europe. Then years after, the Commitments of Aalborg invited the signatories to resort more often to participative democracy and to ensure an efficient city management while protecting their natural heritage.

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Signed the Commitments of Alborg on February 17, 2009.
In 2008, the Brussels’ Region to help the Communes and the Public Social Welfare Centers wishing to get involved in the Agenda 21 dynamic with the project ‘Agenda Iris 21’.